Silk Screen Printing Instructions

It is very easy to print a silk screen image on fabric. Fabric paint is pressed through the silk screen using a flexible plastic scraper. An old credit card is just about the right size for small screens, a plastic bowl scraper for larger screens. The steps in the process are:

1. Lay your fabric on a slightly padded surface and place the screen on your fabric. Put about a teaspoon of fabric paint at one end of the silkscreen design.

2. Hold the silk screen in place by putting your left hand on the duct tape edge of the screen. Hold the plastic scraper at a 60 degree angle to the surface and scrape the paint across the silk screen. Use a little pressure to force the paint through the screen. The paint will go through the screen where the design is and soak into your fabric. If the paint is thin hold the scraper at a 90 angle to the surface of the fabric and don’t use any pressure. You can pick up the screen and move it to a different location on your fabric and make another print as many times that you want.

3. When you are finished printing, immediately immerse the silk screen in cool water and let soak for a few minutes, then using your fingers clean off the remaining fabric paint. Pat dry on a paper towel or terry towel and lay flat to dry.

4. After the print is dry heat set by ironing, with a dry iron, for 30 seconds. Use a pressing cloth or parchment paper over the designs. The printed fabric will now be ready to use.

Note: You can make prints using any thickened water soluble fabric paint or acrylic artist paints.

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